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    BGP overview
    AS & ASN
    Types of ASN
    Why we use BGP?
    » Traffic flow in IGP
    » Traffic Flow in BGP
    When to use BGP
    When no to use BGP
    BGP limitation
    BGP Tables
    Types of BGP peer or speaker
    Single homed
    Multi homed
    Transit AS
    BGP neighbor discovery
    Establishing a BGP session
    How to configure IBGP & EBGP peer
    When BGP peering fails
    » Neighbor is reachable but TCP port 179 is blocked
    » Neighbor not reachable
    » Neighbor not configured
    » ASN mismatched
    BGP update source loopback
    BGP multi-hopBGP authentication
    BGP aggregation
    BGP proxy aggregation
    BGP next-hop-self
    BGP classful network advertisement
    BGP classless network advertisement
    BGP Synchronization Rule
    IBGP split horizon
    BGP Message type
    » Open Message
    » Keep alive Message
    » Update Message
    » Notification Message
    BGP FSM(Finite-State-Machine)
    » Idle, Connect , Active ,Open Sent ,Open Confirm ,Established
    BGP Attributes
    » Well-known Attributes
    » Well-Known Mandatory
    - Origin
    - Next-hop
    - AS-Path 
    » Well-Known Discretionary
    - Local PreferenceA
    - Atomic aggregate
    » Optional Attributes
    » Transitive Optional Attributes
    - Aggregator
    - Community
    » Non Transitive Optional Attributes
    - MED
    - Originator ID
    - Cluster-List
    BGP Path attributes MAP
    BGP Path Selection Process
    AS path filteringPrefix-list Vs ACL
    OUTBOUND Route filtering
    Route-map with match & set statements
    Hard & soft reset
    Soft reconfiguration & route refresh
    Soft reconfiguration & memory uses
    Inbound & outbound soft reconfiguration
    Next-hop attribute point-to-pointNext-hop attribute BMA
    Next-hop attribute NBMA
    BGP route selection with weight per neighbor
    Weight with route-map
    BGP local preference
    Default local preferenceLocal preference with route map
    Route selection with Local preference
    Monitoring Local preference AS path-prepending
    Return Path selection in multi As
    Default return path
    Proper return path
    Monitoring As-Path prepending
    BGP multi-exit Discriminator
    Selecting the proper return path with MED
    Default MED
    Advance MED conceptMonitoring MED
    BGP Communities
    » Internet
    » No-Export
    » No-Advertise
    » Local-AS
    » None
    How to define Own Community ?
    BGP communities with route-map
    Monitoring communities
    Procedure for Own Community-list
    Customer to provider connectivity with BGP
    » Single permanent connection to the internet
    » Multiple permanent connection provides redundancy
    » Multiple permanent connection providing load sharing
    » Multiple connection to multiple service provider
    IP addressing requirement for single homed customer
    IP address requirement for multi-homed customer
    ASN allocation to single homed customer
    ASN allocation to multi-homed customer
    Removing private ASN Primary & Backup link selection
    ASN Translation
    BGP incoming traffic selection policy using own community list
    Transit AS
    Internal route propagation
    Packet forwarding in an ASI
    BGP split horizon
    IBGP Full Mesh
    Recursive lookup in Cisco IOS
    IBGP required IGP
    IBGP session with loopback
    IBGP synchronization
    Drawback of logical Full mesh
    Introduction to Confederation
    » Splitting a Transit AS with BGP confederation
    » AS-Path propagation with in the BGP confederation
    » Intra confederation IBGP session properties
    » Monitoring confederation
    » Router-Reflector
    - Client
    - Non-client
    » Redundant Route-Reflector
    - Originator ID
    - Cluster ID
    BGP Optimization
    BGP convergence time reduction or improving
    BGP convergence
    » BGP routing process
    BGP open
    BGP input/output
    BGP scanner
    - High CPU due to BGP scanner process
    BGP router
    - High CPU due to BGP router process
    Max path transmission unit discovery & monitoring
    Increasing the input hold queue
    - How to improve BGP input queue & its monitoring?
    BGP scan time
    - How to change scan time & its monitoring?
    BGP Advertisement interval
    - How to change BGP advertisement interval & its monitoring?
    Limiting no. of prefix receive from a BGP neighbor (Maximum , threshold, Warning-only ,Restart)
    Monitoring the BGP max-prefix function
    BGP Peer Groups
    » Peer group requirement
    » Peer group as a BGP performance tool
    » BGP peer group limitation 
    » Monitoring BGP peer group
    BGP Route Dampening
    BGP route dampening operation
    BGP route Dampening components
    » Flap
    » History state
    » Penalty
    » Damp state
    » Suppress limit
    » Half-life
    » Reuse-limit
    »Max suppress limit


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